The Ugly

The Ugly 8/10

The Ugly

This is the first one that I found listed that doesn’t quite work for me as a cosmic horror. There are certainly elements, and it looks like it might be going in a very creepy and odd direction, but then goes for something a little more predictable.

That said, it’s a very well done little film. It has some subtle and stylish moments, some interesting character development, and some lovely visuals. It’s not perfect. The ending doesn’t work, and the film goes for a few too many moments where we see something horrific only to have it turn out to be in a character’s imagination, which actually robs some of the other genuinely odd creepy moments of their oomph.

But I’m damning with faint praise. It’s certainly clever, disturbing, and good enough that I’m interested in checking out the director’s other work, and I’ll certainly be watching it again.

For those curious, you can buy a copy here.


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