Introducing Lexx – Black comedy and fantasy SF

This introduction to Lexx is dedicated to the memory of Lex Gigeroff.

I’d had this piece in mind for a while, and had written a first draft in early December. Around Christmas word came down that Lex Gigeroff, one of the creators and writers of Lexx, had passed away. This saddened me more deeply than the passing of many, many other creative people because he’d played such in important part in crafting a stunningly unique and surreal universe.

The first series of four Lexx telemovies came out in 1997. I was lucky enough to happen upon the first one quite by accident. Knowing nothing about the series, this was the best possible way to discover it. Within the first few minutes, during a song, I was completely blown away.

With this introduction to the series I’ve chosen to tell you virtually nothing about the characters and the situations in which they find themselves. The reason being that I honestly think the first taste of Lexx is best appreciated by knowing as little detail as possible. It’s a series that does have a sense of scope and wonder to it, and I’d like to maintain that.
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