BBC Project – Doctor Who Animated Designs Part 2

Initial posting giving an overview of the project history here.

Okay, this will be a relatively short post, featuring two more rough sketches by Nick Stathopoulos.  These were what we got from Nick after some feedback from us.  Nick and I (and Cliff most likely, I can’t remember) were all thinking of the Doctor being a more Geoffrey Bayldon-looking character.

Interestingly Bayldon, who is probably best known to the world as the titular character in Catweazle, was approached by the BBC on more than one occasion to see if he was interested in playing the Doctor.  Eventually he went on to play the Doctor for Big Finish in their Doctor Who Unbound series, and of course he did appear in the original series as the character Organon in The Creature from the Pit.

But I digress.

Phoebe’s age was always meant to be young, but we weren’t sure how young. Twelve years was our base age, but even making her two years older could radically change her look.  We thought Nick had nailed the look of the younger character in his first lot of sketches. He then gave us a slightly older version.

Another view of the Doctor, with a sketch of a slightly older Phoebe.

I like the 1940’s feel to the older Phoebe. It makes sense that she would try to dress a little older.  One of my original thoughts was that Phoebe would travel with the Doctor for a few years, so naturally the character would age through that time.


Nick’s final sketch of the Doctor. The three views up the top was to give me a starting point on modelling the character’s head.

Another sketch of the Doctor after our feedback. As you can see if you compare to the previous post, this is a much more gentle looking character study, with just a hint of Peter Cushing.

I love this face.  There’s a lot of room for expression in it, including some humour.

I had started to try to put together a head model of the Doctor before I asked Nick to come on board.  Problem was that I had nothing to work from and creating a head from scratch in a hurry… well, I’m not a bad modeller, but I’m nowhere near good enough to do that.

Next post will feature that version, and the post after that will feature the 3D head model that evolved out of Nick’s design.

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