BBC Project – The Naming of Names

Okay, it’s been several months since my last post, but life got seriously in the way.

However, I’ve managed to mostly piece together the names of my co-conspirators on the BBC Project.  I may have missed one or two, but maybe by putting up the names I do have, we can worry about filling in any blanks later.

So, first and foremost, Cliff Bowman. Seriously, someone give this guy a guest spot or at least a free membership and panel space to talk about the project.  Or an interview in Doctor Who Magazine – c’mon, it’s the 50th Anniversary of the show, what better time to tell people about this?

Now, I’ve found two names from the BBC itself. Phil Balaam I have mentioned before as our contact in the BBC Wales Research and Development Department, but I also found that Nigel Partridge was involved. I believe Nigel was actually music, judging from the incomplete emails I’ve gone through.

Now the Who3D people that were involved as far as I’m aware were –

Paul Heslin
Rob Semenoff
Nathan Skreslet
Noel Wallace
Maybe Chris Sutor… not sure on that one.
And me, back when my name was still Danny Heap.

I also spoke to a chunk of local Australian talent. Hey, if you’ve got contacts, you use them. And I had access to award winning writers, artists, and people who had worked on major Hollywood motion pictures.

Apart from Nick, Richard, and Mondy, most of these were generally only one or two conversations to let them know the BBC Project existed, and gauging their willingness to help out. It was pointless to ask them for more given the project could fold at any point. But it gave us access to names that could help the cause and show we had access to a greater pool of talent than just the folks in Who3D.

Richard Freeland – Doctor Who fan extraordinaire, he has a solid knowledge of the show, and an excellence sense of story.  He made some great story suggestions, and helped come up with the idea of Phoebe as a companion.

Ian Mond – Long time friend, he’s the one who first helped me to get a place writing for the Big Finish Short Trips collections. I’m quite fond of Mondy’s writing, but he was also my regular confidante, giving me someone I could talk to about everything that was happening, as we’d get together almost every week.

Nick Stathopoulos – Hugo nominated artist. Has also worked on films, TV, computer games. He also did some preliminary design work for us.  You can find it in some previous posts.

Sean Williams – Multi award winning writer and New York Times bestseller. And big Doctor Who fan, and old mate.

Kate Orman & Jonathan Blum – Both of whom have written for the Doctor Who range, and are old mates.

Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride – Yet more old mates (Australian science fiction fandom has been very good to me, in terms of friends and potential contacts), Lewis and Marilyn have worked on a range of very high profile films including Superman Returns, Mission Impossible 3, the Matrix series, and the Star Wars prequels.

Some of these folks may remember me talking to them, some may not – it was one or two conversations held a decade ago, remember.

I also had, through these and other friends, the ability to contact a range of other high profile talent. But naturally I wasn’t going to even think about pursuing those folks unless things actually got to the point where the series would be made.  Basically if we had gotten to the pilot stage, I was going to be able to at least offer to contact some major genre names from the US and UK as potential writers for the series to make the idea of going ahead a much more attractive prospect – people like names.

And so that’s it for the moment.  If anyone out there is in contact with Phil or Nigel, or any of the Who3D crew who were involved, please send them this way 🙂

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